Oil and Gas
Figure 2: Next-generation APC consists of many software modules working together to deliver improved plant performance. Courtesy: Yokogawa Corp.
Oil and Gas August 7, 2019

Advanced process control improves refinery, chemical plant operations

Next-generation advanced process control (APC) shatters processing barriers for process facilities.

By Hiroshi Wakasugi and Sanjay Venugopal
Table 1: Integrity management system checklist. Courtesy: Metegrity Inc.
Oil and Gas August 4, 2019

Leverage digitalization for asset integrity management

Select the right management technologies for modernization.

By Dave Maguire and Richard Fish
Courtesy: Chris Vavra, CFE Media
Oil and Gas July 8, 2019

Report finds cybersecurity basics still not being practiced by companies

A report from Applied Risk found that cybersecurity basics are still not being practiced by many companies, which is increasing their risk for potential attacks as untested technologies continue proliferating critical infrastructures.

By Applied Risk
Jason Urso, Honeywell Process Solutions vice president and chief technology officer, provided a technology overview at the 2019 Honeywell Users Group Americas meeting in Dallas on June 10, explaining how the new Honeywell Control Hive concepts will eliminate hundreds of steps by simplifying and automating control system implementation. Courtesy: Mark T. Hoske, Control Engineering, CFE Media
Oil and Gas June 11, 2019

Integrated virtual control system announced for processing, oil and gas applications

Honeywell unveiled Experion PKS Highly Integrated Virtual Environment (HIVE), which is designed to help engineers maintain industrial control systems (ICSs) for chemical, processing, and oil and gas applications and simplify the overall process.

By Honeywell
Figure 3. Sample report: Automatic microscopy report. Courtesy: Engineered Lubricants Co./STLE
Oil and Gas June 11, 2019

Liberating oil analysis data

Many factors can prevent end-users from getting more from their reports.

By Jeanna Van Rensselar
Typical cause of being failure by percentage. Courtesy: ABB
Oil and Gas June 10, 2019

Understanding lubrication from the bearing’s perspective

Many factors can impact how proper use can avoid friction.

By Keith Bartley
Lubrication in a plant setting shouldn’t be taken for granted. In fact, a proper system to ensure oil cleanliness also can extend the life of equipment and improve productivity. Courtesy: Mobil Industrial Lubricants
Oil and Gas June 7, 2019

Clean oil is productive oil

The care of your lubricant stock is all about the basics.

By Brad Prickett
GlobalData's report on predictive maintenance finds oil & gas companies are increasingly relying on it due to aging infrastructure and volatile crude pricing. Courtesy: GlobalData, Oil and Gas Intelligence Center
Oil and Gas May 24, 2019

Predictive maintenance gains greater significance in oil and gas industry

GlobalData's report on predictive maintenance finds oil & gas companies are increasingly relying on it due to aging infrastructure and volatile crude pricing.

By GlobalData
Preston Reine, research manager, industrial technology, IHS Markit. Courtesy: IHS Markit
Oil and Gas May 8, 2019

Industrial market growth a boost to low-voltage motors and drives

The worldwide market for low-voltage motors and drives grew in 2018 thanks to a continued resurgence in the heavy industries such as metal processing, mining and oil & gas.

By Preston Reine
Oil and Gas December 20, 2018

Global low-voltage motor market bounces back

Oil & gas revenue increases lead 4% sector growth according to a report from IHS Markit.

By Bob Vavra