Tony Rodriguez and Mike Beauregard

Antonio (Tony) Rodriguez, CMC, is president of Daniel Penn Associates; Mike Beauregard is an international consultant with Daniel Penn Associates. Daniel Penn Associates is a CFE Media content partner. Contact DPA at (860) 232-8577 or


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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 22, 2021

Tackling overall equipment effectiveness to improve manufacturing operations

Original equipment effectiveness (OEE) is the product of availability, performance and quality. Knowing how to use these elements can help manufacturers improve operations.

By Tony Rodriguez and Mike Beauregard
Environmental Health May 14, 2021

Supply chain management lessons for manufacturers

The COVID-19 pandemic has taught several supply chains lessons that can be valuable for the future.

By Tony Rodriguez and Mike Beauregard
Lean Maintenance September 10, 2019

Apply discipline to your Lean daily management

Like soccer, a Lean daily management plan on a manufacturing floor requires team discipline to ensure success.

By Tony Rodriguez and Mike Beauregard
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