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Additive Manufacturing February 2, 2024

Laser innovations using nanomanufacturing have quantum, sensing applications

Laser innovations that achieve ultrafine-scale and 3D manipulation have applications in consumer devices, aerospace, sensing and quantum information.

By Steve Martin
Purdue University Ph.D. student Fabian B. Rodriguez (second from right) explains the 3D printing process to faculty advisors Jan Olek (left) and Jeffrey P. Youngblood (second from left) in Purdue University’s Robert L. and Terry L. Bowen Laboratory. They are conducting research into RCAM Technologies' 3D-printed suction anchors to replace traditional anchors for offshore wind plants.
Additive Manufacturing December 3, 2021

3D concrete printing system tested

A 3D concrete printing system is a cleaner, more cost efficient way to create anchors as opposed to continued use of steel anchors

By Steve Martin
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