Oil and Gas July 17, 2015

Analog and digital communications module for wireless, oil and gas applications

SignalFire's Two-Way Analog and Digital Communications Module is designed to wirelessly mirror analog and digital signals for wireless valve control or retrofit applications in oil and gas fields where analog and digital signals need to be replicated at both ends.

By SignalFire
Automation, Controls July 9, 2015

Remote sensing system adds nodes to operate in challenging outdoor environments

SignalFire Telemetry's Remote Sensing System has added three Sentinel nodes to support a wider array of sensors in the remote management of assets in challenging outdoor environments such as oil fields, water systems and mining.

By SignalFire
Mechanical & Electrical May 6, 2015

Chemical injection system optimizes

This chemical injection system optimizes the injection process while providing operational monitoring and control.

By SignalFire
Mechanical & Electrical March 20, 2015

Remote sensing system

This wireless telemetry system offers remote monitoring of well pad tubing and casing pressures.

By SignalFire
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