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Mechanical & Electrical January 12, 2024

Collaboration to optimize battery manufacturing announced

Siemens is collaborating with Voltaiq to accelerate battery manufacturing, by combining their strengths to offer better capabilities for battery manufacturing-focused companies.

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Siemens has chosen to implement the Roboze ARGO 500 industrial 3D printer in its Charlotte Advanced Technology Collaboration Hub (CATCH) that further industrializes additive manufacturing in the US. Courtesy: Siemens
CNC, Motion Control June 26, 2022

Strategic partnership announced for additive manufacturing production

Siemens and Roboze announced a strategic partnership aimed at increasing the production opportunities of companies involved in the energy, mobility and aerospace sectors.

By Siemens Industry, Inc.
Courtesy: Siemens
CNC, Motion Control June 25, 2022

Strengthening metal additive manufacturing capabilities

Siemens has launched a collaboration effort with Xerox Elem Additive Solutions, which is aimed at strengthening the metal additive manufacturing (AM) capabilities of both businesses.

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AI & Machine Learning July 22, 2020

Drive train with AI, machine learning delivered to refinery

Siemens Large Drive Applications delivered a drive train, which includes artificial intelligence and machine learning to Deer Park Refinery located in Houston, Tex., one of the nation's largest refineries.

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Asset Management July 15, 2020

Companies join forces to accelerate industrial transformation

Siemens and SAP announced a partnership designed to bring together their complementary software solutions for product lifecycle, supply chain and asset management applications.

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Safety & PPE June 10, 2020

Workplace distancing simulation and management: Facilities, manufacturing, offices

To lower risk to COVID-19 exposure, use digital twin design and simulation software, wireless tags and receivers and asset tracking software help manage employee risks and enable workplace productivity. See nine questions manufacturers and facility owners need to ask about COVID-19.

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Manufacturing IT March 27, 2020

Manufacturer connects healthcare field to produce components through additive manufacturing

Siemens has opened its additive manufacturing network to enable the efficient execution of design and printing requests by doctors, hospitals and suppliers of medical equipment in response to COVID-19 pandemic.

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Motors & Drives January 25, 2022

SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 IQ

The new SINAMICS Perfect Harmony GH180 IQ makes it easier to identify power cell issues before they can cause a drive to trip. In a major leap forward in the digitalization of drive systems, Siemens has developed digital technology enabling real-time cell monitoring capability. This technology makes it possible to pinpoint an issue down to a specific cell, thanks to the placement of sensors on individual cells to collect data on performance and environmental conditions, including: Ambient temperature individual cells,  IGBT substrate temperature, humidity and dew point, pressure monitoring, cell capacitance, cell DC bus voltage and cell AC voltage.

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