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Plant Automation August 29, 2016

Software got you stuck?

Do not let RCA applications hold up your root-cause efforts.

By Shon Isenhour
Plant Automation August 25, 2016

Five questions to answer before your next change initiative

Below are five question that are crucial to answer upfront, repeatedly, and through multiple mediums.

By Shon Isenhour
Safety & PPE July 21, 2016

Webcast: The Link Between Maintenance and Electrical Safety: Your questions answered

Some of the questions asked during the presentation from Shon Isenhour, principal at Eruditio, LLC, were unable to be answered during the Webcast, and Isenhour responds to those questions below.

By Shon Isenhour
Plant Automation May 16, 2016

Failure curves and P-F intervals linked and explained

Tying the two most important reliability engineering curves together to generate a better picture of failure.

By Shon Isenhour
Plant Automation May 11, 2016

Learning through application for ROI

Focus on training for a documented return on investment, rather than "training for training’s sake."

By Shon Isenhour
Plant Automation May 8, 2016

Paying for the sins of the past: Your improvement initiative is not magical

If you are implementing any improvement strategies at your site, make sure that as part of your communication plan you let people know of the success that you expect, of course, as well as the sins of the past that will still need to be worked through.

By Shon Isenhour
Plant Automation March 28, 2016

Reliability confessions

10 reliability confessions of not quite the best practice.

By Shon Isenhour
Environmental Health March 24, 2016

Starting 2016 on a course to profitability

Eight "P" processes that produce progress.

By Shon Isenhour
Lean Maintenance August 21, 2015

5 Ways to Improve Your Plant’s Training Strategy: Your questions answered

Webcast presenter Shon Isenhour answers more viewer questions on new training and devices as well as the best approaches for training and other best practices to consider.

By Shon Isenhour
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance March 4, 2015

Five hats for reliability engineers

As a reliability engineer, there are several different functions that come with the job. This article will point out the five different hats that a reliability engineer will wear and the one that they should avoid.

By Shon Isenhour
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