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Case Study October 11, 2015

Use EAM and APM techniques to achieve better maintenance planning

Enterprise asset management (EAM) software can ensure asset uptime while an asset performance management (APM) approach can ensure optimal levels of cost reduction and reliability.

By Roberto Michel
Manufacturing IT July 14, 2015

Operational technology to Informational technology: Creating a circle of improvement

Linking operations technology (OT) systems, such as SCADA and sensors to IT-level big data analytics is possible, but begs for the right asset-centric and event-driven view of OT-level trends so the IT-level analytics can find relevant patterns. This article demonstrates that an improvement cycle can be applied to key operational concerns, including equipment health and drilling optimization.

By Roberto Michel
AI & Machine Learning June 3, 2015

Predictive analytics hit the midstream

Model-based, predictive analytics lends itself to crunching multiple data sources to pinpoint risks for pipeline integrity management, while analytics for process monitoring and measurement evolve to better discover crucial variances.

By Roberto Michel
Manufacturing IT February 25, 2015

Technology helps deliver a smoother handoff

The emergence of 3D CAD systems has turned operational design into a multicolored, multidimensional landscape. To meet these needs, suppliers have come up with a wide array of tools to keep all of that data in order and accessible.

By Roberto Michel
Supply Chain February 24, 2015

Helping operators navigate the new operational landscape

Technology such as document management, CAD visualization, engineering data warehouses, and Web-based collaboration solutions are all helping to make the handoff process more effective, but ultimately it comes down to the human element.

By Roberto Michel
Mechanical & Electrical February 4, 2015

An engineering imperative: Integrating operations into design

To gain operational readiness and improve asset data builds for new facilities, oil and gas companies look beyond simple data handoff to collaborative methods and hub solutions that more effectively bridge the worlds of plant design and operations.

By Roberto Michel
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