Rick Farrell

Farrell is North America’s foremost expert in improving manufacturing group communication, education, training and group hospitality processes. He has over 40 years of group hospitality experience, most recently serving as president of PlantTours for the last 18 years. He has provided consulting services with the majority of Fortune 500 industrial corporations improving group communication dynamics of all types in manufacturing environments.


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Oil and Gas April 29, 2022

Why an oil rig tour can be critical for closing a business deal

An oil rig tour provides an up-close perspective of a company’s success. Four reasons to consider giving these tours and five ways to make them work are highlighted.

By Rick Farrell
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Workforce Development November 17, 2021

Four tips to help organize a fantastic factory tour

With good planning, people should be able to organize a memorable factory tour for all visitors.

By Rick Farrell
Environmental Health March 16, 2021

Effective communication in a high-noise environment

High-noise manufacturing environments are already difficult places to communicate, but COVID-19 and social distancing make it even harder. Learn how to overcome this challenge.

By Rick Farrell
Environmental Health March 5, 2021

Effective communication in a socially distanced world

Manufacturing facilities have unique challenges because of constant ambient background noise that limits effective communication. Practice and investing in the right technology can help mitigate these problems.

By Rick Farrell
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