Paige Nesbit, director of marketing and communications, West Virginia University. Courtesy: West Virginia University

Paige Nesbit


Oil and Gas October 2, 2020

Grant received to capture emissions at shale gas production sites

The Department of Energy has awarded a $3 million cooperative agreement to develop a new low-cost process to convert the natural gas that is commonly flared at industrial sites, which could improve energy efficiency and the environment.

By Paige Nesbit
Robotics July 9, 2020

Project collaboration for robot applications in outer space

Maxar Technologies has announced over $2 million in funding for the Robotic Technology Center at West Virginia University for a project called Space Infrastructure Dexterous Robot (SPIDER), which will be a part of NASA's OSAM-1 mission.

By Paige Nesbit
Robotics August 18, 2019

Robotics team wins NASA competition for second time in three years

West Virginia University’s robotic drilling team won NASA’s Moon to Mars Ice & Prospecting Challenge for the second time in three years with the Mountaineer Ice Drilling Automated System III (MIDAS III).

By Paige Nesbit