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Nicolle is Zero Waste’s Social Media Manager, and has been a valued member of the team since July 2018. She is responsible for content creation on all platforms, leveraging creative software, industry trends and research, and social media strategy to build upon the company’s online presence.


Courtesy: Steve Rourke, CFE Media
Oil and Gas December 30, 2022

The circular economy’s impact on the oil and gas industry

A circular economy for oil and gas can minimize the number of materials by incorporating other methodologies, such as reusing, repairing, refurbishing and recycling.

By Nicolle Portilla
Courtesy: Cincinnati Incorporated/Steve Rourke, CFE Media and Technology
Sustainability December 28, 2022

Analytics’ impact on sustainability and profitability in manufacturing

Sustainable manufacturing and zero waste are major priorities for manufacturers and analytics can help companies identify goals to achieve.

By Nicolle Portilla
Sustainability December 22, 2022

Benefits of waste-to-energy solutions

Waste-to-energy is a sustainable alternative to simply letting trash sit in a landfill and can be cost-effective for manufacturers.

By Nicolle Portilla
Image courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Oil and Gas December 21, 2022

What oil and gas companies are doing to promote sustainability

The oil and gas industry is focusing on environmental, social, and corporate governance issues (ESG) and reducing emissions and waste.

By Nicolle Portilla
Sustainability December 8, 2022

What oil and gas companies are doing to promote environmental sustainability

The industry is particularly under the microscope because of its contributions to greenhouse gas emissions.

By Nicolle Portilla
Courtesy: CFE Media and Technology
Sustainability October 19, 2022

Sustainable manufacturing’s impact on the circular economy

The circular economy represents a more sensible approach to production and consumption and sustainable manufacturing can help.

By Nicolle Portilla
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