NEXGEN Asset Management

NEXGEN Asset Management is a cloud-based computer maintenance management (CMMS) and asset management solution suitable for municipalities, facilities and manufacturing industries. It provides inventory management, condition assessment, inspections, customer and service requests, preventive maintenance, asset planning and work order management.The Asset Condition Index feature monitors the age and viability of each asset and allows users to keep tabs on assets that aren’t accessible through routine field inspections. It provides a service request portal where customers, employers and tenants submit and track requests. The contractor module allows contractors to approve, manage work orders, upload documents and modify license information.It offers integration with financial information systems, enterprise resource planning, customer information systems, geographic information systems, business intelligence tools, MS Exchange/Outlook and others. Support is offered via email and over the phone. Other help options include live support and live chat. It is available for iOS and Android devices.


Asset Management December 31, 2003

Computerized maintenance asset management system

NEXGEN aims to provide users with the intelligence and foresight to effect meaningful, strategic change through lifecycle planning and risk mitigation across the organization. NEXGEN asset management is a software solution that integrates the functionalities of a computerized maintenance management system with enterprise asset management planning capabilities. NEXGEN was built by engineering, management and technology subject matter experts boasting over 25 years of hands-on experience in asset management program development and software implementation. NEXGEN aims to leverage their experience to set a new industry standard by incorporating proprietary asset management intelligence into the complete asset inventory.

NEXGEN Asset Management
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