Nancy Luedke

Nancy Luedke, Texas A&M University


Color-coded models from algorithms trained by graduate researchers at Texas A&M University are boosting industry confidence in using machine-learning techniques to depict oil and gas resources hidden in the Earth’s subsurface.
Oil and Gas March 11, 2022

Researchers visualize subsurface resources with algorithms

Researching improves the understanding and control of subsurface earth resources, which could reduce cost and the carbon footprint.

By Nancy Luedke
Oil and Gas January 2, 2021

Enhancing machine learning capabilities in oil and gas production

Enhanced machine-learning systems developed by Texas A&M researchers can quickly compress data so they can render how fluid movements change during production processes.

By Nancy Luedke
Oil and Gas January 2, 2021

Improving clean produced water for hydraulic fracturing processes

Researchers at Texas A&M University are investigating cost-effective methods to produce clean produced water so it can be further treated and used in hydraulic fracturing processes.

By Nancy Luedke
Oil and Gas October 20, 2020

Merging mapping methods to find invisible shale cracks

A student researcher at Texas A&M is using the combination of electrical currents, called electromagnetics, and data from tightly-focused microseismic measurements to accurately render existing natural fracture networks in shale rock.

By Nancy Luedke
Oil and Gas March 4, 2020

Overcoming small organic barriers could reap larger oil recoveries in shale reservoirs

Texas A&M University researchers have found the presence of kerogen plays a vital role in how easily carbon dioxide can travel through shale reservoirs, which could help oil and gas companies reap larger oil recoveries.

By Nancy Luedke
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