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Through laser powder bed fusion, the discovered eutectic high-entropy alloy can be used to develop complex, nanolayered structures.
Additive Manufacturing October 23, 2022

3D-printed alloys form nanostructures

Researchers achieved the 3D-printed, nanostructured high-entropy alloys that display both high strength and ductility for the first time.

By Michelle Revels
An electron micrograph of nickel-titanium powder is showcased on the left. The researchers can use this powder to fabricate 3D-printed parts, such as nickel-titanium lattices (right). Courtesy of: Texas A&M University
Additive Manufacturing May 20, 2022

Researchers develop 3D-printed shape memory alloys with superior superelasticity

Researchers from Texas A&M University showcased tensile superelasticity by fabricating a shape memory alloy through laser powder bed fusion.

By Michelle Revels
Courtesy: Texas A&M Engineering
AI & Machine Learning October 12, 2021

Developing organic batteries using machine learning

Texas A&M researchers are using Bayesian frameworks to produce a polymer chain capable of energy storage, in turn creating longer-lasting organic batteries.

By Michelle Revels
Energy Efficiency & Management July 17, 2021

Advancing research on environmentally friendly, hydrogen-enriched fuel

Texas A&M researchers are continuing to develop solutions to reduce carbon emissions using hydrogen-enriched fuel as hybrid and electric vehicles become more common.

By Michelle Revels
Safety & PPE October 27, 2020

Frame created for interchangeable mask

A team of Texas A&M students bonded together to create the EASYMASK, which is designed to provide a reusable and inexpensive face mask for the general population.

By Michelle Revels
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