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Predictive and Preventive Maintenance July 3, 2024

VibWorks LT

Ludeca's VibWorks LT is a cutting-edge, entry-level data collector for industrial maintenance. Featuring advanced AI for real-time data collection and analysis, VibWorks LT enhances maintenance decision-making with minimal setup and training. Its robust design and customizable reporting ensure comprehensive monitoring and easy documentation.

Predictive and Preventive Maintenance May 5, 2022

Sensoteq KAPPA X

The Sensoteq Kappa X is an evolution of wireless continuous health monitoring for a wide range of machinery. Built-in partnership with industry vibration experts, the Kappa X is a triaxial vibration sensor with a market-leading 10kHz Fmax enabling earlier fault warning and increased diagnostic capabilities. The Kappa X wireless vibration sensor features a small footprint, IP69 ingress protection, and a user-replaceable battery.

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