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Asset Management June 22, 2016

Why vibration is a problem for your equipment

Although vibration is going to be part of any industrial equipment, certain vibration types require immediate attention as they could result in further issues with the equipment and the possibility of equipment failure.

By L&S Electric
Plant Automation June 21, 2016

Efficiency: Lean manufacturing, integrated automation

Pressure on manufacturers to be efficient and eliminate waste continues to grow as the manufacturing industry, especially in developed countries, works to compete in the global market place.

By L&S Electric
Environmental Health June 20, 2016

Do you have air leaking from your pipes?

In many facilities, one of the prime culprits for energy waste is compressed air or compressed gas leaks. Although these are very common, they are often difficult to detect through a visual inspection.

By L&S Electric
Safety & PPE June 18, 2016

Six problems to avoid with preventive maintenance

Establishing a preventive maintenance program is one of the best things you can do for your business. Understand six problems to avoid in any preventive maintenance program.

By L&S Electric