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Safety & PPE August 1, 2016

Stackable right-angle Ethernet cables

The stackable right-angle Ethernet cable assemblies are designed to provide true Category 5e and Categofy 6 performance while maximizing panel density.

By L-com Global Connectivity
Wireless May 17, 2016

Ethernet cables

28 AWG Ethernet cables for high-density patching applications.

By L-com Global Connectivity
Wireless March 4, 2016

Weatherproof industrial enclosures

Weatherproof industrial NEMA enclosures that are well suited for extreme temperatures or corrosive environments.

By L-com Global Connectivity
Electrical, Power June 11, 2015

Mini display port cable assemblies and adapter

Series of Mini DisplayPort cable assemblies as well as a Mini DisplayPort inline adapter are released.

By L-com Global Connectivity
Wireless November 24, 2014

Locking IEC power cords

These four locking power cords series can be used for data center, medical and other AC power applications, where vibration or physical contact is present.

By L-com Global Connectivity
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