Joseph L Foszcz


Motors & Drives June 1, 1999

Wringing water out of compressed air

It's a tough job supplying clean, dry compressed air to a plant air system. A 1000-scfm compressor operating 24 hr/day, 7 days/wk for 50 wk typically pumps out 577,600 lb of water vapor, 3111 lb of dirt, and 194 lb of oil (@ 5 ppm).

By Joseph L Foszcz
Gears and Bearings April 1, 1999

Bearing selection and lubrication guide

A bearing supports a moving load. The earliest bearings were probably logs placed under heavy building stones so they could be rolled into position. Lubricated axles in holes that elongated under load led to replaceable plain bushings.

By Joseph L Foszcz
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