John Parraga

John Parraga is an experienced process, particularly batch process, engineer with career stops at Sequentia, the firm that gave the world batch management as we know it, and Rockwell Automation. At Rockwell Automation John held several roles. As a Global Process Technical Consultant, John advised many customers and integrators on the best way to control their processes. As the FactoryTalk Batch product manager, John was part of the PlantPAx leadership team. As a salesperson focused on the life science industry, John was able to apply his knowledge in a different but rapidly growing area of process manufacturing. John has participated in a number of organizations over the years. His published paper on recipe-based clean-in-place remains a standard for implementing the best and most efficient clean-in-place control systems.


Safety & PPE March 10, 2020

CIP and SIP procedures improve OEE and profitability

Unlock monolithic clean in place and steam in place procedures to optimize process KPIs, OEE and profits. Batch automation model, control programming, HMIs can help.

By John Parraga
System Integrators December 19, 2019

Designing an equipment model

System integrator offers expert advice on designing equipment and procedural batch models.

By John Parraga
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