Joe Kimbrell

Joe Kimbrell, product manager for motion control products at AutomationDirect, has more than 25 years’ experience with automation, motors, drives, motion control, and servos, and has worked as engineering manager at a packaging original equipment manufacturer (OEM) and at a multi-axis motion control integration firm. Joe holds a BSEE degree from Georgia Tech. 


Motors & Drives March 4, 2021

Improved stepper motor systems support more applications

Stepper motor systems deliver more precision than standard variable-speed motors without the expense and complexity of servo motors, and newer high bus voltage options provide additional flexibility. See 5 motor technologies, common uses.

By Joe Kimbrell
Motors & Drives March 3, 2014

Determine if a VFD is right for your application

Variable frequency drives can reduce energy consumption, improve real-time control, and lengthen motor life. Selecting the right one for your application requires asking the correct questions.

By Joe Kimbrell
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