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Energy Efficiency & Management October 25, 2023

Design harnesses sun’s heat to produce clean hydrogen fuel

Conventional systems for producing hydrogen depend on fossil fuels, but a system developed by MIT researchers uses only solar energy.

By Jennifer Chu
Sustainability October 4, 2023

Study suggests energy-efficient route to capturing and converting CO2

The findings, based on a single electrochemical process, could help cut emissions from the hardest-to-decarbonize industries, such as steel and cement.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics July 20, 2022

Method developed for improving autonomous robotic systems

MIT researchers have developed a general-purpose optimizer that can speed up the design of walking robots, self-driving vehicles, and other autonomous systems.

By Jennifer Chu
Motors & Drives April 22, 2022

Heat engine with no moving parts designed

MIT researchers have design a heat engine with no moving parts, which could help enable a fully decarbonized power grid in the future.

By Jennifer Chu
Courtesy: Christine Daniloff, MIT
Semiconductors January 16, 2022

Hybrid particle detected that could improve electronic devices

MIT physicists have detected a hybrid particle that is a mashup of an electron and a phonon, which could lead to smaller, faster electronic devices.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics August 11, 2021

System trains drones to fly around obstacles at high speeds

Aerospace engineers at MIT have devised an algorithm that helps drones fly around obstacles without crashing, which could help in search-and-rescue missions and other applications that use drones in time-sensitive situations. See video.

By Jennifer Chu
Sensors, Actuators September 9, 2020

Velcro-like food sensor detects spoilage, contamination

A Velcro-like food sensor made from an array of silk microneedles has been developed that is designed to pierce through plastic packaging to sample food for signs of spoilage and bacterial contamination.

By Jennifer Chu
Safety & PPE August 19, 2020

How a COVID-19 testing trailer was built for a university

MIT engineers and medical staff built a 60-foot trailer for COVID-19 testing that can test up to 1,500 people a day and is now operating as the main test site for asymptomatic members of the MIT community.

By Jennifer Chu
Robotics July 18, 2020

Researchers giving robots human-like perception of their physical environments

3D Dynamic Scene Graphs gives robots spatial abilities that could enable them to work with people on the plant floor or in other dangerous environments.

By Jennifer Chu
Industrial PCs May 13, 2020

Graphene twists could help engineer quantum computing devices

Results from MIT research could help designers engineer high-temperature superconductors and quantum computing devices.

By Jennifer Chu
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