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Jeannie Kever, University of Houston


Energy, Power January 14, 2021

Safer, fast-charging aqueous battery developed

A 3D zinc-manganese nano-alloy anode has been developed, resulting in a stable, high-performance aqueous battery that uses seawater as an electrolyte.

By Jeannie Kever
Oil and Gas November 3, 2020

Subsea research group receives funding for research, economic development

The Subsea Systems Institute received $9.5 million for workforce training and economic development as well as improving energy efficiency and safety on offshore platforms.

By Jeannie Kever
Oil and Gas January 27, 2020

Improving offshore safety with increased mindfulness

A partnership among University of Houston researchers and energy companies, Diamond Offshore Drilling and Baker Hughes, will examine whether simple exercises designed to increase mindfulness can reduce potential safety risks associated with offshore operations.

By Jeannie Kever
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