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Gripple is the world leading manufacturer of suspension solutions for Construction, and wire joiners/tensioners for fencing & vineyards. Operating in five key markets--Building Services, Seismic & Force Protection, Viticulture/Fencing/Orchards, Civil Construction, and Solar Bracing--Gripple has evolved from one man's idea to a worldwide business, employing over 950 people in 18 global locations, including the US, Canada, UK, Europe, India, and Japan.No matter the industry, Gripple products are characterized by substantial time and labor savings, versatility, and enhanced aesthetics, making them a value-added solution and a constant challenger to traditional methods across all industries. Our presence on a multitude of high profile projects across the globe is driven by a growing number of customers choosing Gripple products for their time-saving benefits.We have an enduring commitment to sustainable growth and innovation, as well as a culture of charity and fun. A privately-held company, Gripple is 100% employee-owned, empowering its people to drive improvements and challenge the business every day. All shareholders’ interests are represented by a Board of their peers called GLIDE (Growth Led Innovation Driven Employee-Owned Company) in order to ensure that all employees have a vote and a say in the direction of the business.  


Safety & PPE June 1, 2021

Fast Trak

Fast Trak is a pre-fabricated bracket and track system offering speed, flexibility, and efficient use of space, for the suspension of electrical containment, piping, ductwork, and other mechanical services in Construction. The Fast Trak system consists of a horizontal bracket, with push-in latches on the ends, that slides up two vertical tracks to lock into place at any height. Horizontal brackets are available in pre-cut ready-to-use lengths from 9in.

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