Since 1854, FS-Curtis/CURTIS-TOLEDO, Inc. has been designing and manufacturing solutions for industry. The FS-Curtis Air Compressors brand continues to be the symbol of quality and excellence in the design and manufacture of air compressors. Dedicated to customers and loyal distributors, our brand names are synonymous with Legendary Reliability since 1854. FS-Curtis/Curtis-Toledo, Inc. is proud to be ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 certified.


Compressed Air July 5, 2023

NxD110 Single-Stage, Fixed-Speed Rotary Compressor

Unveiling the FS-Curtis NxD110, our latest single-stage, fixed-speed air compressor. Engineered for peak performance, this cutting-edge design showcases our unwavering commitment to excellence. Key features include: eCOOL Technology: Guards components, extending life and minimizing downtime. dBA Shield Noise Reduction: Boasts extra-thick insulation for whisper-quiet operation. Energy Efficiency & Quality Components: Showcases premium efficiency motors, NEMA-1 electric panel, Wye-Delta motor starter, and a hi-efficiency air/oil separator. 100% Continuous Duty Cycle: Delivers pulsation-free air for uninterrupted operation. Ease of Maintenance: Offers accessible components, washable pre-filter, and intelligent controller alerts. This compressor ensures a winning combination of reliability, quietness, efficiency, and easy maintenance, establishing the NxD110 as a solution that prioritizes both long-term durability and peak performance.

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