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Manufacturing IT January 6, 2016

Oil & Gas Engineering’s most-viewed articles for 2015

Articles about hacking oil and gas control systems, oil and gas prices, future oil and gas workers, pigging your line, and predictive analytics hitting the midstream were Oil and Gas Engineering's five most clicked articles for 2015. Learn more.

By Eric R. Eissler
AI & Machine Learning November 30, 2015

Virtual servers maintain uptime, save on Capex

As the connected enterprise takes hold in the manufacturing world, it is also moving into the oil and gas industry. Virtualization ensures uptime remains constant in the event of a crash.

By Eric R. Eissler
Supply Chain July 30, 2015

Black October on the horizon

The price of oil may not have hit the nadir yet, supply is almost double that of demand, and the Iran deal may slash oil prices to new lows.

By Eric R. Eissler
Supply Chain June 11, 2015

Pemex offers insight into shale stratagies at Global Petroleum Show

Pemex, Mexico's national oil company, revealed they are planning on extracting from shale plays along the eastern side of the country as well as the Mexico-Texas border.

By Eric R. Eissler
Supply Chain June 8, 2015

U.S.-Canada trade partnership a main focus at Global Petroleum Show

Canada’s Global Petroleum Show (GPS) in Calgary will highlight the strong trade partnership between the U.S. and Canada as companies and individual states will look to grow and add to their business deals.

By Eric R. Eissler
Supply Chain May 1, 2015

Industry trends: Iran, Yemen contributing to oil market turmoil

Iran’s potential access to world markets may drive oil prices down while conflicts in Yemen are speculative and have no real bearing on the international oil market.

By Eric R. Eissler
Mechanical & Electrical April 30, 2015

Smart cement revolutionizes well casings

Cumaraswamy “Vipu” Vipulanandan, professor of civil and environmental engineering and director of the Center for Innovative Grouting Materials and Technology at the University of Houston (UH) created smart cement. It has great potential in the oil and gas industry with revolutionary properties beyond the oil-well cement currently used.

By Eric R. Eissler
Supply Chain April 29, 2015

Dirty pipelines decrease flow, production—pig your line

Allen Pennington, president of Pigs Unlimited International located in Tomball, Texas, shared his industry insights about the challenges related to pipeline cleaning.

By Eric R. Eissler
Automation, Controls April 23, 2015

Automation advancing in the oil and gas industry

Siemens’ Oil and Gas Innovations Conference in Houston highlighted developments in automation and data management products for an industry where few have upgraded aging technology and many struggle to be more efficient in an environment that demands it.

By Eric R. Eissler
Supply Chain March 23, 2015

Country intelligence report: USA

The U.S. is now one of the major oil and gas producing countries of the world. The shale fracking revolution brought the country to where it is today.

By Eric R. Eissler
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