Ed Nabrotzky, Molex Inc.


Wireless September 1, 2009

Connecting the industrial edge

In the same way that wireless connectivity has changed the way people communicate in their business and personal lives, it is also revolutionizing how plant automation networks work. While adoption has been slow, more networks are using wireless Ethernet protocols to add new devices, extend the networks into hazardous locations and establish connectivity with devices and systems that may be in ...

By Ed Nabrotzky, Molex Inc.
Wireless March 1, 2009

Adopting Power over Ethernet

Ethernet has become a comfortable technology for users around the world. It will inevitably dominate the manufacturing plant floor. However one aspect of Ethernet – Power over Ethernet (PoE) – is a less understood aspect of this popular networking technology whose role on the plant floor is still uncertain.

By Ed Nabrotzky, Molex Inc.
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