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Mechanical & Electrical September 18, 2023

Wiring devices slim GFCI receptacle

Featuring one of the slimmest depths on the market with updated features and a modern look, the next generation Arrow Hart Slim GFCI receptacles have been redesigned, allowing for quick, easy installation and simple intuitive use for the end user. The devices are offered in a variety of models — standard, tamper resistant, weather resistant and controlled and in numerous colors to meet and compliment any décor for new construction and retrofit projects.  Other features include: A 1.03 inch depth in the box provides for more room for quick and easy wiring. External backwire clamp allows visual confirmation of secure wire termination, increasing safety while saving installation time. Wider TEST/RESET buttons make it easier to test and reset. Intuitive large reset indicator light allows the user to easily identify a trip incident, and quickly reset the device, eliminating unnecessary call backs. In case of a unit failure, an end-of-life indicator light flashes red for easy identification of a device failure. Tamper resistant shutter system allows for easy plug insertion and are black to disappear, adding to the clean, modern look. Minimal top housing markings are debossed and neutrally positioned for easy reading. Tested to the highest standards to help ensure safety, Eaton’s Arrow Hart Slim GFCI Receptacles provide code-compliant protection from electrical shock.

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