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Mechanical & Electrical May 1, 2020

Single-phase disconnect switch by Eaton

The D-73 distribution-class, single-phase disconnect switch provides a durable and dependable switch for line sectionalizing or isolating equipment

By Eaton Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical July 22, 2019

Electrical group names president for national committee

Kevin Lippert has been appointed president of the United States National Committee (USNC) to the International Electrotechnical Commission (IEC) and will work on testing, certification and accreditation for the electrotechnical industry.

By Eaton Corporation
August 5, 2016

Company hosts STEM event at experience center

Eaton's Experience Center in Houston hosted more than 120 Project GRAD high school students for an interactive educational seminar focused on technology used in the energy utility, oil and gas, and petrochemical industries.

By Eaton Corporation
Automation, Controls May 17, 2016

Motor control center technology for oil and gas, industrial applications

Eaton's arc-resistant version of its FlashGard motor control center technology is designed to both prevent an arc flash event and protect personnel if an arc flash occurs for oil and gas applications as well as other industrial applications where an arc flash event may occur.

By Eaton Corporation
Manufacturing IT April 9, 2016

Experience center launched with interactive applications

Eaton's Experience Center in Houston features six interactive applications designed to supplement the experience center’s hands-on safety, application, product and monitoring training opportunities in an industrial environment.

By Eaton Corporation
Energy Efficiency & Management March 14, 2012

Monitoring tool

Power Xpert Reporting version 3.0

By Eaton Corporation
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Mechanical & Electrical April 1, 2024

D64 RP410 ground fault relay

The D64RP410 ground fault relay cost-effectively reduces risk and operating costs by providing advanced notification of potential and developing earth faults.

Eaton Corporation
Mechanical & Electrical October 1, 2023

Push-in Technology for Electrical Connections

Eaton's push-in technology is a unique advancement in electrical connections. This innovative solution is set to simplify and enhance the way professionals in various industries connect electrical wires, making installations faster, safer, and more efficient. Eaton's push-in technology offers a cutting-edge approach to electrical connections, ensuring a secure and reliable fit while significantly reducing installation time. Unlike traditional methods that require stripping wires and using screws or clamps, this technology simplifies the process with its straightforward design. Key benefits of Eaton's push-in technology include: Speedy Installation: Push-in technology allows for quick and tool-free wire insertion, reducing labor time and costs, while also minimizing the risk of errors during installation. Enhanced Safety: The technology offers a secure connection, reducing the risk of loose or improperly tightened connections that can lead to electrical hazards or equipment failure. Space Efficiency: With its compact design, push-in technology saves valuable space in control panels, making it ideal for applications with limited room. Versatility: Eaton's push-in technology is compatible with a wide range of wire types and sizes, making it suitable for various applications across industries such as industrial automation, construction, and more.

Eaton Corporation
Machinery and Equipment October 1, 2021

Telescoping bracket

BBT-HF telescoping brackets and alignment plates help speed installation and reduce complexity for rough-in projects. Simply snap one side of the BBT-HF bracket to the wall stud, slide the B-Line series BBT-HF telescoping bracket to the width required, snap the other side of the bracket to the stud, then secure with screws. The brackets are self-leveling, feature an auto-height adjustment and easily adjust to accommodate stud widths of 14.5 to 25 in.

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