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Nancy McGuire is a freelance writer based in Albuquerque, N.M.


Predictive and Preventive Maintenance April 30, 2024

Predictive maintenance: When does it make sense?

For large operations and critical systems, a well-strategized investment in an integrated system of human and digital resources can be well worth the effort.

By Dr. Nancy McGuire
Lubrication February 28, 2023

Open gear lubricants’ slow, steady evolution

How do you lubricate a 120-ton gear the height of a four-story building that sits outdoors or in a dusty plant environment, while meeting safety, environmental and operating cost constraints?

By Dr. Nancy McGuire
Lubrication June 2, 2020

Find a common tribology perspective

When chemists, materials scientists and mechanical engineers work on the same problem, finding a common language can be difficult but rewarding

By Dr. Nancy McGuire
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