Dino Busalachi

Dino Busalachi is chief technology officer and co-founder of Velta Technology. He has close to four decades of global experience across IT, engineering and industrial control system (ICS), with multiple global brands. His deep knowledge and understanding of the inner workings of ICS, OT, IIoT, and technology solutions; led him to co-found Velta Technology in pursuit of helping companies Get Safer Sooner.


Cybersecurity December 11, 2022

Removing IT/OT barriers to ensure plant floor safety, operational integrity

Securing industrial control systems (ICS) differs from protecting enterprise networking and information technology (IT) and operational technology (OT) teams must work toward alignment as cybersecurity threats rise.

By Dino Busalachi
Courtesy: Velta Technology
Cybersecurity December 10, 2021

What OT teams can learn from IT teams

By applying information technology (IT) strategies and organization, operational technology (OT) can monitor and manage cybersecurity measures more efficiently.

By Dino Busalachi
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