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A technician monitors methane at an oil and gas site in Colorado. Courtesy: Colorado University.
Environmental Health June 16, 2022

Laser technology works to plug methane gas leaks

Colorado researchers are using laser technology to detect natural gas, which is invisible to the eye, leaking from pipes at sites, in real time.

By Daniel Strain
Courtesy: University of Colorado Boulder
Additive Manufacturing April 27, 2022

3D-printing a robot from scratch

New 3D-printing approach melds solids, liquids

By Daniel Strain
Courtesy: Vernerey Researcher Group, CU Boulder
Robotics March 17, 2022

How fire ant rafts could help engineers design swarming robots

A study by CU Boulder researchers lays out the simple physics-based rules that govern how these ant rafts morph over time, which could help engineers design robots that work together in swarms.

By Daniel Strain
Courtesy: Steven Burrows, JILA
Mechanical & Electrical September 25, 2021

Nanoscale discovery could help prevent overheating in electronics

Researchers at CU Boulder have learned why some nano sources cool when bunched together, which could help companies develop electronics that overheat less.

By Daniel Strain
Robotics November 6, 2020

Robot inspired by pufferfish could improve drone safety

A team of engineers have designed a robot called PufferBot, which blows up like a pufferfish and is designed to make flying drones safer.

By Daniel Strain