Dale P. Smith, CMRP


Asset Management November 11, 2010

Give maintenance a fighting chance

Whether you Bob or Weave, putting a plan in place can stretch dollars in tough times

By Dale P. Smith, CMRP
Asset Management September 23, 2010

Maintain your role as an energy champion

The connection between maintenance and energy savings is not well understood. In fact, some view energy savings as just an electrical issue rather than a holistic approach to all kinds of plant floor energy.

By Dale P. Smith, CMRP
Compressed Air August 20, 2010

A predictive maintenance road map to energy savings

The successful integration of standard PdM technologies can capture significant energy savings and simplify ROI calculations. By the way, any associated benefits of increased safety, reliability and enhanced facility capacity are purely coincidental.

By Dale P. Smith, CMRP
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