ControlByWeb began in 1999 as a contract engineering company. It was started by David Witbeck, an electrical engineer with a lifetime passion for electronics and gadgets. Originally, the company was located in the basement of Dave's home in West Jordan, Utah.As a new company, we took on a number of projects including the design of an audio controller, a spectrometer, a high-tech hand-held computer, and much more. Most of these projects required long hours of work and stretched our abilities; but this gave us a very wide-range of experience and expertise.After being in business for a few years, we began a series of projects developing some advanced industrial control systems using a distributed computing architecture over a field-bus network.As we worked on this project, the strengths of this architecture were obvious, but we felt that the field-bus network could be improved. The field-bus network was difficult to work with, required expensive components, and was relatively slow.Our conclusion was to replace the field-bus network with Ethernet and the ControlByWeb concept was born. At our own expense, we began to develop hardware and software that would eventually become WebRelay, our first web-controlled relay product.Today we are located in a state-of-the-art facility in Nibley, Utah. We have discontinued the contract engineering part of our business so we can focus all of our resources on making our products the best they can be.Our customer base is very large and includes many governments, universities, militaries, large and small companies, and individuals. We design, manufacture, test, and use our products in-house and we love what we do!


Switchgear January 1, 2018

Electrical relay with built-in web server

WebRelay is an electrical relay (or electrical switch) with a built-in web server. The relay can be turned on, off or pulsed using a web browser. It has a long history of reliable operation in many applications including remote reboot, industrial control, security and remote control and monitoring. WebRelay can provide remote relay control in countless applications including pump and motor control, security lock systems, remote reboot and lighting control. It also has an optically isolated input that can be used to monitor the state of devices, control the relay, or control a remote relay somewhere else on the network.

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