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Mechanical & Electrical January 11, 2017

Series of pressure indicators, transmitters

The Series 699 Differential Pressure Indicators & Transmitters are designed for use with air and neutral gases to measure low differential pressures typically found in air conditioning applications.

By Clark Solutions
Environmental Health July 14, 2016

Vortex flow transmitter

The Huba 210 Series Vortex Flow Transmitter is designed for water and water/glycol based heat exchange systems and other fluids compatible with the materials of construction.

By Clark Solutions
Supply Chain November 20, 2015

Electric gear pumps

Clark Solutions' UP2 electric gear pumps are designed for water, oil, and process systems and feature bronze or PTFE gears with built-in pressure control.

By Clark Solutions
Mechanical & Electrical October 7, 2015

Air-operated diaphragm pumps for explosive atmospheres

MID and CU15 air-operated diaphragm pumps are designed to facilitate transfer of liquids up to 5000 cps in explosive atmospheres.

By Clark Solutions
Environmental Health August 21, 2015

Peristaltic pump with integrated stepper motor

Unoverse Boxer 9000 Peristaltic Pump features integrated stepper motor for dispensing of liquids for applications such as bionengineering and medical devices.

By Clark Solutions
Mechanical & Electrical August 16, 2015

Miniature solenoid operated piston pump

The Model ET-17 miniature piston pump is designed for low volume OEM liquid pumping applications.

By Clark Solutions
Vision and Discrete Sensors July 8, 2015

Liquid vortex flow sensor line

The liquid vortex flow sensors feature optional temperature measurement capability and accuracy to 1% fs in liquid media up to 185 F.

By Clark Solutions
Mobility October 28, 2014

Hand-held data logger

ALMEMO 2590-A allows any sensor to be easily connected.

By Clark Solutions
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance October 17, 2014

Water meters

Certified to meet ANSI/NSF 61 for materials safety and ANSI/NSF 372 for lead free compliance by the Water Quality Association.

By Clark Solutions
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