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At Beckhoff, automation is our calling. We empower engineers to differentiate and succeed as industry leaders – to harness new technologies, embrace open standards and solve the world’s most complex problems. Founded and led by engineers, we organically create advanced controls, communication, IoT and motion technologies that become unique tools for your one-of-a-kind challenges in an age of digital transformation. As a global partner with U.S. headquarters in Minneapolis, we remain committed to sustainability, inclusivity and support for the people behind the automation. So whether you’re powering the EV revolution, dazzling on Broadway, launching satellites or harnessing the wind – you can reach new heights for your business, industry and humankind.


Machinery and Equipment October 12, 2023

TwinCAT three CNC milling base

Well known for flexible and powerful CNC solutions, Beckhoff now provides a comprehensive package of different cycles for triple-axis milling and drilling. TwinCAT 3 CNC Milling Base helps engineers speed up programming, increasing speed to market and customization. With numerous new function blocks, the software update encapsulates the required processes in parameterizable and reusable modules. The new TwinCAT CNC cycle package supports a variety of different drilling strategies, ranging from simple centering and deep hole drilling to tapping, helical and thread milling.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Mechanical & Electrical September 14, 2023

AA3100 Electric Cylinders

Beckhoff is adding more devices to its scalable AA3000 electric cylinder series to extend the significant advantages in total cost of ownership, footprint, energy efficiency and sustainability to more applications. The new AA3100 devices offer the necessary force, dynamics and compactness needed for linear motion applications. However, this direct-drive solution delivers all the advantages of servo technology, including controlled positioning, safe holding at a standstill and high efficiency. The AA3100 series is designed as a drop-in replacement for hydraulic or pneumatic actuators.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Mechanical & Electrical May 5, 2022

ELM3002-0205 EtherCAT Terminal

The new ELM3002-0205 EtherCAT measurement terminal from Beckhoff delivers high-voltage measurement functionality for batteries, generators and motors. This feature-filled I/O terminal supports the four measurement ranges of ±60, ±120, ±500 and ±1,000 V, respectively, and is particularly suitable for applications in the fields of electric vehicles (EVs) and renewable energy.In the renewable energy market, the ELM3002-0205 supports, for example, efficiency increases for wind turbines via direct converter control. A prerequisite for this is voltage measurement in the 1,000 V range directly on the generator.

Beckhoff Automation LLC
Mechanical & Electrical June 14, 2022

SCT5564 ring-type current transformer

With the SCT5564 ring-type current transformer, Beckhoff offers a universal current-sensitive measurement system for AC and DC differential currents in conformance with the EN/IEC 62020-1 standard. Its use in machine monitoring ensures, among other things, increased system availability and minimized maintenance costs through the early detection of insulation faults. Crucial advantages and added value with PC-based controlFault currents can also occur during normal operation, e.g. due to the magnetizing of an electric motor during startup.

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