A well-recognized name in the industrial automation market, AutomationDirect provides quality products with FREE award-winning in-house sales and technical support. AutomationDirect provides customers with quick order and delivery through an online store which makes self-service easy with tools such as product selectors, 3-D CAD viewer, and more. Prices are well below the industry average and a 30-day money-back guarantee is offered on nearly all items. With thousands of part listings, products include PLCs, HMIs, motors, drives, enclosures, pneumatics, pushbuttons, sensors, enclosures, circuit protection, wire, and much more. The state-of-the-art headquarters facility near Atlanta is designed throughout for maximum performance. Orders for in-stock items can be taken as late as 6 p.m. EST and shipped for fast delivery, and most orders qualify for free, two-day delivery.The company provides online tutorial videos through their web store as well as their YouTube channel. A Customer Forum provides peer support on technical and application questions.


Motors, Drives April 1, 2019

WEG CFW300 by AutomationDirect

The WEG CFW300 variable frequency drive is a high-performance VFD for three-phase induction motors.

By AutomationDirect
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Making warehouse management efficient and better through CMMS December 14, 2022

Quabbin Communication Cable Options

  More Quabbin Communication Cable Options from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added new communication cables from Quabbin, providing even more options for reliable Ethernet and Profinet communication. New continuous flexing 26AWG Cat5e or Cat6/6a shielded industrial Ethernet cable is available with two or four twisted pairs. Cable jacket options include Zero Halogen Flame Retardant (ZHFR), Flame Retardant Thermoplastic Elastomer (FR-TPE), and Thermoplastic Elastomer (TPE). This cable can be ordered cut to length in 1-foot increments with a 20 or 25ft.

Sensors, Vision November 30, 2022

Contrinex Specialty Inductive Proximity Sensors

NEW Contrinex Specialty Inductive Proximity Sensors from AutomationDirect   AutomationDirect has added new stainless-steel specialty inductive proximity sensors from Contrinex. These new proximity sensors are designed for extreme environments and are offered in 3mm to 50mm diameters with protection ratings up to IP69K. Select models are rated for high-temperature applications up to 230°C [446°F] and high-pressure applications up to 500 bar [7251 psi]. Other models feature metal chip immunity which eliminates the risk of false switching due to metal debris.

Electrical November 2, 2022

Bryant Pin and Sleeve Devices

Bryant Pin and Sleeve Devices from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added Bryant pin and sleeve wiring devices to their current offering of low-cost wiring solutions. These devices include non-conductive electrical plugs, connectors, receptacles, and inlets designed to withstand heavy-duty industrial environments and maintain a reliable watertight connection resistant to accidental disconnection. Bryant pin and sleeve devices are designed to meet IEC 60309-1 and IEC 60309-2 international regulations for easy-to-use standardized configurations and safeguarding against connecting devices of different amperage and voltage ratings together. In addition, accessories for these pin and sleeve devices are available to provide various optional mounting methods and watertight seals when not in use. The new Bryant pin and sleeve devices start at $74.00, and accessories start at $16.00.

Material Handling October 12, 2022

FBP Control Cable

More LUTZE SILFLEX® FBP (Food & Beverage rated) Control Cable from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable options to their existing cut-to-length cable lineup. More 20, 18, 14, and 12 AWG shielded and unshielded cables, an additional 16AWG shielded cable, and a new 10AWG shielded cable option are now available.  LUTZE SILFLEX FBP cable is specifically designed to meet all UL and FDA requirements for cabling used in food and beverage facilities.

Making warehouse management efficient and better through CMMS April 27, 2022

Additional Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers

Additional Safety Mats, Edges, and Bumpers from AutomationDirect AutomationDirect has added additional safety mats, edges, and bumpers from ASO Safety Solutions. These safety products protect people and machinery from harm. Mats detect the presence of personnel on horizontal surfaces (usually the floor), edges can be used on any surface, usually near possible crushing or shearing points, and bumpers are used in applications involving vehicles or other moving equipment. Starting at $170.00, the new ASO safety mats include five additional sizes of the standard black mats with straight or tapered edges, and four new mats in safety yellow.

Switchgear June 22, 2022

New Captron Caneo Series Capacitive Pushbuttons

New Captron Caneo Series Capacitive Pushbuttons from AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added new Captron Caneo Series10 and Series41 pushbuttons to expand their offering of capacitive pushbutton switches. Capacitive pushbuttons utilize touch control and are activated without pressure when a hand or body part nears the device's surface. Series10 switches, suitable for a wide range applications, feature 360° visibility and are available in standard, stainless steel, and hygienic EHEDG-certified models.  Series41 switches offer a large 2.36” diameter touch surface, a 7-segment display, and are ideal for applications requiring an intuitive and clearly visible status display.

Sensors, Vision September 24, 2022

ProSense Miniature Photoelectric Sensors

ProSense Miniature Photoelectric Sensors for Space-Limited Applications from AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added ProSense miniature rectangular photoelectric sensors to their inventory of almost 4,000 sensors and encoders. The new ProSense RW mini photoelectric sensors provide an affordable solution for small applications with very limited space.

Motors, Drives September 21, 2022

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantries

igus Linear Slide Actuators and XYZ Gantriesfrom AutomationDirect. AutomationDirect has added linear slide actuators from igus. These lead screw-driven and belt-driven linear slide actuators can be used as single-axis slides or can provide an economical means of creating high-performance XY or XYZ gantry systems.

Electrical Systems March 16, 2022

Pro2 Power Supplies and DC-to-DC Converters

New WAGO Pro2 Power Supplies and DC-to-DC Converters from AutomationDirect . AutomationDirect has added WAGO Pro2 power supplies to their growing lineup of performance power products. These high-efficiency power supplies reduce losses, save cabinet space, and increase energy savings.

Electrical Systems March 23, 2022

Gladiator GCB Series Molded Case Circuit Breakers

New Gladiator GCB Series Molded Case Circuit Breakersfrom AutomationDirect  AutomationDirect has added Gladiator GCB series molded case circuit breakers to their lineup of circuit protection devices. Gladiator MCCBs are designed to reliably protect circuits and equipment from thermal overloads, short circuits, and ground faults. Available in two or three-pole configurations, these high-performance circuit breakers are offered in seven frame sizes up to 1200A with a selection of trip units and up to a 100kA interrupting capacity.  A variety of accessories provides connection to external disconnect handles and offer auxiliary functions such as status monitoring and shunt or undervoltage trip.  The Gladiator GCB Series breakers start at $154.00, are UL listed, CE approved, RoHS compliant, and come with a 2-year warranty.

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