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Antenor Mejilla is a Market Development Manager for Corzan Material and Piping Solutions, a Temprite Division of Lubrizol Advanced Materials where he focuses heavily on industrial markets including mineral processing and mining and industrial water treatment and wastewater. Prior to Lubrizol, he spent almost 25 years in the industrial specialty chemicals and customized process & water treatment equipment industry in technical marketing and product management positions. Learn more about Corzan Material and Piping Solutions at or by contacting us at 216-447-5660 or


A metallic pipe (left) and a CPVC pipe (right) after the same length of service. The metallic pipe has significant fouling inside, while the CPVC pipe remains in like-new condition.
Pumps November 15, 2022

The importance of fluid handling characteristics in piping material selection

Why CPVC fluid handling characteristics provide increased efficiency, less maintenance and overall piping system reliability versus metal

By Antenor Mejilla
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