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Mechanical & Electrical May 20, 2015

Implementing energy management for machinery and processing plants

Energy management doesn’t require a task force to implement. It can be done from the ground up by teaching energy management best practices to all employees at a facility and ensuring good habits don’t die.

By Amin Almasi
Plant Automation April 22, 2014

Case study: Preventing surge in a medium-size process gas compressor

The following case study highlights a plant's struggle to prevent surge while using a four-impeller, 1.6 MW integrally geared centifugal gas compressor. The problem and three solutions are discussed.

By Amin Almasi
Predictive and Preventive Maintenance April 22, 2014

Best practices: Turbo-compressor control monitoring

Coverage of turbo-compressor surge and turbo-compressor condition monitoring tends to be popular, but topics related to turbo-compressor control can be just as vital. Here are some of the best products and practices used in the field.

By Amin Almasi
Safety & PPE April 17, 2014

Surge prevention in turbo-compressors

Surge instability strongly limits the operating range of turbo-compressors. Surge prevention, based on the use of an active anti-surge valve, is one way to battle the surge and other instabilities at low-flow operations.

By Amin Almasi
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