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AGF is the designer and manufacturer of the most reliable and versatile line of inspector's test and drain valves, auxiliary drains, corrosion monitors, air venting valves, and accessories in the fire sprinkler industry.AGF is continually working in the field to improve existing products and deliver innovative, reliable, and code compatible fire protection products for commercial and residential fire sprinkler systems worldwide. Our family of products includes Flood Eliminator, TESTANDRAIN®, COLLECTANDRAIN®, CORRINSITE™, PURGENVENT™, REMOTETEST®, INSPECTOR'STEST™, RISERPACK™, and TESTANSAVE™.For additional information about AGF and our innovative line of specialized fire protection products, please visit


Pumps April 4, 2024

8511Z pressure reducing valve series

The AGF Commercial RiserPACK Model 8511Z is meticulously crafted in the USA using high-quality schedule 10 pipe, ensuring superior durability and performance. This assembly incorporates the AGF Model 2511 TESTanDRAIN valve with a pressure relief valve and drain trim, flow switch, pressure gauge, and AGF Universal 3-way gauge valve, along with a 2 ½” hose valve. The 8511Z manifold was designed specifically for floor control applications where a downstream drain outlet, capable of full flow is required for Pressure Reducing Valve acceptance testing and future inspection and testing requirements. The integration of the Zurn ZW5004 Valve adds another layer of functionality and versatility to the AGF solution.

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