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Adam Malecek, University of Wisconsin-Madison


Safety & PPE July 27, 2023

Lightweight materials used to create stronger helmets

Researchers have strengthened their absorbing foam material to make lighter and stronger helmets, which can help soldiers as well as people working in hazardous conditions.

By Adam Malecek
AI & Machine Learning June 10, 2023

Researcher improving safety for autonomous systems

A University of Wisconsin-Madison researcher is working to establish a theoretical framework and design control algorithms to ensure the safety of autonomous systems with machine learning components.

By Adam Malecek
From left: Assistant Professor Lianyi Chen and PhD students Luis Escano and Minglei Qu study metal 3D printing in Chen’s lab. Courtesy: Renee Meiller, University of Wisconsin-Madison
Additive Manufacturing March 8, 2022

Method developed to reduce additive manufacturing flaws

University of Wisconsin-Madison researchers are using an additive manufacturing technique called laser powder bed fusion to produce metal parts that have fewer defects.

By Adam Malecek
Safety & PPE April 21, 2020

Engine emission researchers retool to identify effective N95 mask alternatives

Researchers at the University of Wisconsin-Madison are leveraging tools used to measure the particulate from combustion engines to measure the filtration efficiency for alternative N95 masks to help improve supply during the COVID-19 pandemic.

By Adam Malecek
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