White Paper: Implementing Sustainability And Energy Reduction In Your Plant: A formula for good business

August 19, 2010

With current technologies and best practices available, industries on a global scale can now be aware of their energy consumption, minimize their carbon footprint, and exploit their resource practices. In addition, the relative cost of technology and the relative extent to which it can be deployed across industrial practices and processes has never been more cost-effective. In fact, the proportionally low expense required to control energy use and costs is a critical factor today.

Some leading manufacturers have already begun to invest in technology to reduce their energy consumption and costs, resulting in increased profitability as well as a commitment to sustainability. To ensure a competitive advantage and profitability in today’s changing marketplace, manufacturers can now take advantage of this opportunity to embrace sustainability from the perspectives of operations and strategy.

Download the "Implementing Sustainability And Energy Reduction In Your Plant:  A formula for good business"white paper. The white paper highlights:

  • Five key events that are redefining sustainability today
  • How manufacturers can reduce their energy use and their costs
  • Three best practices for a sustainable organization
  • How technology and innovative business processes improved one company’s financial and environmental performance