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Who will win gold in 2018? Oil & Gas Engineering announces the finalists for its 2nd annual Product of the Year competition.

By Amanda Pelliccione, Project Manager August 9, 2018

Who will win gold in 2018? Oil & Gas Engineering announces the finalists for its 2nd annual Product of the Year competition, and readers will have the final word. Cast your votes online using CFE Media’s New Products for Engineers platform. (Voting closed Nov. 9, 2018)

Significant innovation and advancement in technologies and best practices introduced within the past year into the oil and gas industry are recognized by means of our 2nd annual Product of the Year awards. Companies submitted new and improved products introduced between Aug. 1, 2017, and July 31, 2018, to be judged. Below are the finalists in each of the three categories. It is now up to Oil & Gas Engineering readers to determine which products should receive gold, silver, or bronze recognition.

To vote, visit the New Products for Engineers platform at and click on “Product Voting.” Vote for the products you feel are the best in their categories by Nov. 9, 2018 (voting is now closed). The results will appear in December 2018 in print and online.

Data & Analytics

Thermal gas mass flow meter

The Model FT4X thermal gas mass flow meter measures gas flow rate without the need for temperature and pressure compensation. The flow meter features a data logger to record flow rate, totals (40 daily), and other events and alarms. The logs provide information about the flow meter’s settings and functionality, including gas or gas mix composition, configuration, and Calibration Validation historical test data. Other advanced features of the Model FT4X include a second generation non-cantilevered DDC-Sensor, expended Gas-SelectX menus, CAL-V, RS485 Modbus RTU or HART, standard USB port, and Ft4X View software.

Fox Thermal

Activity, risk management software

Proscient 4.0 is an enterprise operational excellence software platform that delivers the practical benefits of digitalization, Industrie 4.0, and the Industrial Internet of Things. The software provides an integrated view of operational reality with an effective way to visualize and manage activity and risk. It connects people and processes, and helps to close the loop between operations, maintenance, engineering, and other functions. Proscient 4.0 brings together disparate data from systems, sensors, and human-derived activity-delivering meaningful, actionable insights with powerful visualizations of risk and activity. With this software, users can see what’s happening, where it’s happening, when it’s happening, and what’s driving the risk-in real-time.


Reserves management, budgeting software

Entero Mosaic v2018 is a unified application for petroleum economics, decline analysis, and reserves management. This software provides upstream companies with a productive user experience through a modern, workflow-oriented interface. Mosaic v2018 features highly configurable, push-button reconciliation for both regulatory Resources & Reserves and capital and operating budgeting; a composite workbench to quickly filter, sort, and search on hundreds of inputs, economic detail, and result variables; extensive presentations and layouts for detailed economics and comparing indicators between scenarios; and alternate ID alignment to allow data imports and connections from disparate sources.

Quorum Software

OT network monitoring, intelligence software

SilentDefense is an advanced and mature OT network monitoring and intelligence platform. SilentDefense passively analyzes industrial network communications, provides rich information about network assets, and alerts in real-time for any threat to operational continuity. SilentDefense empowers industrial operators with visibility, threat detection capability, and control of their network. Featuring a user-friendly interface and out of the box detection engines, SilentDefense instantly delivers actionable results. SilentDefense allows users to see what network devices are doing; assess risks, threats, and vulnerabilities; understand current resilience state of their network; and pinpoint weak spots and current inefficiencies.


Integrated radio, controller 

The WellAware Integrated Radio & Controller, Model E, is an edge computing device designed specifically for oil and gas applications. It brings communication and logic capabilities into a hardware solution for monitoring pressure, temperature, flow, level, and RTU data. With a hazardous location certification for Class 1, Division 1 locations, the device is suitable for data collection at the well head, production tanks, storage tanks, and enclosed equipment. The device is Bluetooth-enabled for configuration and calibration and offers an internal battery life of up to 2 years depending on the polling rate. Store & Forward functionality ensures reliable data collection even during a network outage, resulting in better performance.


IIoT & Process Control

Remote controller

The OSA Remote Controller combines programmable logic controller (PLC); remote terminal unit (RTU) and edge control; intrinsic cybersecurity; and universal I/O into a compact standalone module that is ideal for remote monitoring and control applications. The OSA Remote is configured with standard Bedrock IEC 61131-3 engineering tools and features a wide operating temperature range and a hardened metal enclosure. Intrinsic cyber security features reduce the need for external firewalls, intrusion detection, and other devices. In addition to securing its own controls, the OSA Remote can extend protection to other systems and devices via embedded anomaly detection.

Bedrock Automation

Industrial UPS system

The SSG industrial universal power supply (UPS) with a hot-swap Lithium Iron Phosphate (LiFePO4) battery provides longer service life, longer backup times, lower weight, and higher safety than those with lead-acid batteries. The SSG UPS also lower total cost of ownership by dramatically reducing costly battery replacements and downtime. Other key features of the SSG UPS with LiFePO4 battery include a small footprint, continuous operation from -20 to 55°C with no performance degradation, no thermal runaway issues that are inherent in Lithium-ion chemistry, and a service life of more than 10 years.

Falcon Electric Inc.

Well lifecycle reporting software

WellEz On Demand is a cloud-based well lifecycle reporting solution for managing, operating, and optimizing upstream oil and gas assets. Users can implement a pre-packaged solution to reduce IT overhead and scale with their needs quickly. WellEz On Demand features an easy-to-use interface for capturing drilling, completion, workover, and facility information; automatically distributed daily reports and trend analysis; wellbore diagrams from the field that evolve throughout the well; the ability to upload and share any file type from the rig site to the office; and automated data transfer between operational data and other in-house applications.

Quorum Software

HMI, SCADA software

Designed for plant, telemetry, or hosted systems of any size, VTScada’s unique design integrates all core SCADA components into one easy-to-use package. It replaces third-party add-ons with integrated features like security, reporting, historian, alarming, alarm notification, version control, and thin clients. This removes risk and stress from every stage of the human-machine interface (HMI)/SCADA lifecycle; from pricing and licensing, to development and support. VTScada is applicable to a wide variety of industries including water and wastewater, oil and gas, tank farm monitoring, power generation, manufacturing, agriculture, airports systems, broadcasting, manufacturing, marine, flood control, power transmission and distribution, and food and beverage.

VTScada by Trihedral

Fire suppression system

The Pressurized Instant Foam Fire Protection System is a fully automatic tank-firefighting technology that can reliably extinguish any storage-tank fire in 3 minutes, irrespective of the tank’s size or weather conditions. It requires no water network, electricity, or firefighting crews. The system extinguishes fires using a special compressed foam that is stored in a pressurized vessel. Due to the massive pressure and a unique injection method, it is capable of introducing immense quantities of foam into the burning tank. The system reliably extinguishes fires on tanks with a diameter greater than 40 meters, preventing the flames from damaging the tank and its contents.

Swiss Fire Protection Research & Development AG

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