Tools & Welding

By Staff July 1, 2005

MIG welding guide

A free MIG Welding Buyer’s Guide helps make purchasing an all-in-one MIG welding power source easy. The guide answers frequently asked questions and includes a detailed description of a full line of all-in-one MIG welders, explaining how their functionality provides everything a welding operator needs everywhere they need it. The guide also explains the importance of duty cycles, how to determine the amount of amperage to use and outlines key features that should be considered in any all-in-one MIG purchase.

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Abrasive products for metals

A free Specialty Products CD describes a full line of products for cutting, grinding and finishing metals ranging from aluminum to stainless steels and exotic metals. Featuring product descriptions, photographs and specifications, this CD provides data and recommendations to help users select the proper abrasive product for their application.

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All purpose adhesive and sealant

POWERSTICK is an all-purpose, high tack polymer that offers strong adhesive properties with reliable moisture- and solvent-resistance. It can be used on concrete, masonry, tile, wood, metal, plastic and polystyrene foam board. Adhesive applications include fastening metal studs, adhering electrical boxes and panels and attaching foam board panels. It is ideal for many sealing and caulking projects around doorways, windows, gutters and flashing.

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Clamp for structural tubing

BoxBolt expansion bolts feature an expansion anchor and provides simple, safe and secure connections to square, rectangular, circular and other types of structural steel tube sections where access is restricted to one side. They install easily using an open end wrench to hold the hexagonal shoulder in place while a torque wrench is used to tighten the core bolt. As the core bolt is tightened, the threaded wedge is drawn up inside the body, the fins expand and a secure connection is made.

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