Talking multimeter

This multimeter measures voltage, current and thermocouple inputs and uses voice synthesis output to speak the reading to the technician using it.

By Plant Engineering Staff April 23, 2008

The UV1000 Verbalizer multimeter measures 0-10 Vdc, 0-20 mA and Type K thermocouple inputs, and “verbalizes” them in any range with more than 100 built-in engineering units. The talking meter is battery powered and equipped with an RS-232 PC interface that allows its input range, engineering units and high and low alarm set points to be configured. A keypad on the front of the unit allows input and speech mode selections as well as volume control. It provides process and alarm announcements to help monitor and control any process measurement application where there are no local displays. The newly designed product can be used in chemical, automotive, HVAC and paper industries where measurement and verbalization of temperature, pressure and flow processes are needed.

OMEGA Engineering