System-30 BTU meter

By Plant Engineering Staff October 18, 2006

Designed for smaller systems (0.8 to 38 GPM), the System-30 BTU Meter is an inline flow meter/integral BTU computer combination that provides highly accurate thermal energy measurement in chilled water, hot water and condenser water systems. An optional communications interface — available for BACnet MS/TP, LONWORKS, Johnson Controls N2 and Siemens P1-FLN — provides complete energy, flow and temperature data to the control system through a single network connection. Each System-30 is factory calibrated and comes complete with all installation hardware. The System-30 features a certificate of NIST-traceable calibration printed with each meter, flow accuracy of + 0.5% of reading at a calibrated velocity, liquid temperature range of 32° to 200° F, maximum operating pressure of 400 PSI, and semiconductor-based temperature sensors that provide delta T accuracy within 0.15° F.

ONICON Incorporated

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