Sun is shining on Mass. manufacturing facility

New solar panel plant just opened -- and it's already at capacity

By Plant Engineering Staff July 17, 2008

Las Vegas isn’t the only place where manufacturing to take advantage of the increase in solar energy is heating up the economy. The Boston Globe’s Green Blog reports that Evergreen Solar has just opened a new manufacturing facility in suburban Devens, MA and has already landed a five-year, $1.2 billion solar panel contract with a German company. That means the manufacturer is now at its manufacturing capacity even before the they were done cleaning up from last week’s ribbon-cutting ceremony.

“We’ve almost sold out for the next five years,” chairman, president, and chief executive Richard M. Feldt told the newspaper this week. “That means business is good. It’s pretty nice. We haven’t made one panel yet and we’ve sold out.”

“We love the jobs. We love the jobs, and we love that the jobs include manufacturing jobs,” said Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick. “I look to this facility as a symbol of the kind of industry we want to build, as a symbol of the future.”