Suggestions & Solutions – 2002-03-11

By Staff March 11, 2002

You’ll get a belt out of this

Belt Preventive Maintenance manual has recommendations for safe work practices and tips on the selection and care of synchronous belt drive systems. The 48-p, illustrated manual provides user information ranging from inspection to installation of V-shaped and synchronous belts. Each of the 12 sections offers helpful tips on reducing downtime, increasing energy savings, and controlling parts replacement costs.

The Gates Rubber Co.

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Don’t get trapped

PenCheck System Package (PSP) is a complete trap management program specifically designed for small-to-medium size companies. It provides accurate judgement to greatly simplify trap testing. PSP uses a standard Windows PowerPC platform and includes a precision testing instrument, separate database software, a palm-size personal data assistant, and a training program that is held in Charlotte, NC.

TLV Corp.

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Ball screw quick fix

QuickTurn Ball Screw Repair Service has a 4-color, 8-p brochure that details the service, the leadtime required for various types of ball screw repairs, and ways in which customers can minimize downtime. For additional information about the service, contact the Linear Precision Products customer service department at 800-62-RENEW.

RBC Bearings

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Fiber optic guide

A free fiber optic guide on testing and troubleshooting takes you through the what/when/why/how of testing, how to calculate the maximum allowable loss, testing procedures, and a series of troubleshooting tips. It is uncomplicated, easy to follow, and a handy reference to carry.

Extech Instrument

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Blowin’ in the wind

Regenair Regenerative Blower catalog includes technical engineering information, accessory section, examples of pressure and vacuum applications, and descriptions of all models available. The blowers range from 1/8 to 30 hp, flows from 23 to 1350 cfm, pressures from 21 to 284 in. H 2 O and vacuum from 20 to 183 in. H 2 O. Other air moving products include vacuum generators and air motors.

Gast Mfg. Inc.

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Getting good vibrations

A full line of standard vibration control pads can be supplied from stock in a variety of configurations or combined with leveling mounts to protect floors and reduce noise. Pads meet dynamic requirements such as low frequency, high damping, high loading, level stability, and a high coefficient of friction.

AirLoc Div.Clark-Cutler McDermott Co.

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How to carry cables

Free Energy Chain Systems catalog has 928 pages full of design and engineering data, application examples, and everything else needed to successfully spec out a cable carrier system, from 500-ft long travels to travels of just a few inches. The catalog covers polymer cable carriers, Chainflex cables, and a multitude of accessory components.

igus, inc.

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Reduce heating costs

High gas and electric bills, excessive maintenance costs, reduced productivity due to cold docks, or an old, inefficient heating system all result in high warehouse heating costs. One solution is an energy efficient, direct-gas-fired space heating system that can save up to 60% per yr and improve a plant’s IAQ.

Cambridge Engineering, Inc.

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Is your insulation thick enough?

Free 3E Plus insulation thickness computer program now has the ability to translate energy losses into actual dollar amounts and calculates the number of pounds of greenhouse gases (CO 2 , NO x , and carbon equivalent) being prevented from release into the atmosphere through reduced fuel consumption. Plant managers can use this tool to calculate energy, environmental, and cost savings from increased insulation thickness.

North American Insulation Mfrs. Assoc.

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These are really clean pumps

Free technical bulletin 123-M describes the Moyno 500 Sanitary Pump line. These pumps offer low flows and high performance in a compact, cost-effective size. Made of food-grade 316 stainless steel to meet 3A sanitary standards, these pumps also feature elastomers that satisfy FDA requirements. In addition, the pumps offer the exclusive Quick Disassembly Clamp, which simplifies pump disassembly and cleaning.

Moyno, Inc.

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Cut pollution and energy use

Industrial Assessments Guide to Pollution Prevention and Energy Efficiency provides facility personnel with a reusable framework for conducting a thorough, combined pollution prevention and energy conservation audit at both large and small industrial plants. This book guides auditors through the assessment process and helps them identify a range of options.

Government Institutes, ABS Consulting

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Tough hoses

Bulletin 4400-B42-US features Parker’s 482TC and 482ST hoses for abrasive applications requiring SAE 100R1 Type AT or EN853 Type 1SN hose lines. The hoses allow a choice of abrasion resistance to suit the application. With its MSHA-accepted Tough Cover, 482TC is for those spots where durability is a must. 482ST, with its Super Tough Cover, is for highly abrasive environments. They are available in sizes from 1/4-in. to 1-in. ID.

Parker Hannifin Corp.

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