Suggestions & Solutions – 2002-02-15

By Staff February 15, 2002

Have a good time

PTC-20 Series multiprogrammable LED timers have four-digit, dual line displays that indicate set and time values. All models offer multiple field programmable modes for operation and time ranges. There are multiple levels of security to prevent unauthorized set value or parameter changes. Units feature front panel programming with an intuitive button-per-digit interface. Omega Engineering, Inc. Write 251 on PE card

Getting more air for your buck

Getting the Most for Your Money is an air compressor guide that takes you step-by-step through the process of selecting and protecting your air compressor investment. The full-color, 8-p guide covers types of air compressors, compressed air systems, selection, maintenance, and troubleshooting. Kaeser Compressors Write 252 on PE card

Power strategy provider

Cutler-Hammer Engineering Services and Systems (C-HESS) is a comprehensive power strategy provider focused on integrating and maintaining power quality for industrial and utility customers. C-HESS solutions include power systems engineering, power systems automation, energy management, power systems training, power equipment services, and switchgear and controls modernization. Eaton Corp. Write 253 on PE card

Two are better than one

A twin fan option allows easy replacement of old style air handlers. The two housed, forward curved fans mounted on a single shaft provide air volumes that are comparable to larger fans, but occupy less vertical space. The low silhouette units can fit existing footprints or be hung from ceilings without the expense of a custom air handler or major building renovation. McQuay Intl. Write 254 on PE card

Free hydraulic tool seminars

Enerpac has embarked on a major campaign throughout North America to promote safety in the use of high-pressure, high-force hydraulic tools. The campaign is aimed at the end users of these tools and across a wide variety of industries and is designed to educate operators on the safe usage of such tools, as well as operational tips and general maintenance. For information, call 800-433-2766. Enerpac Write 255 on PE card

How to label hazmats

Hazardous Materials Labels is a safety meeting kit. The video and booklets in the kit include information on OSHA’s Hazard Communication Standard, the Hazardous Materials Identification System (HMIS), hazardous waste labeling, DOT’s hazardous materials classifications, and the NFPA labeling system. The Marcom Group, Ltd. Write 256 on PE card

Hydraulic hose safety

Hydraulic Maintenance & Safety program contains information designed to minimize costly repairs, production downtime, and worker injury. The program consists of an onsite seminar and 72-p manual that helps maintenance managers, repair technicians, and machine operators identify component weaknesses before failure. The Gates Rubber Co. Write 257 on PE card

Put a tilt on it

The Virtual Container Tilter Guide is an interactive, web-based tool for companies that handle parts in containers. The guide allows users to input several variables specific to their application including; size and shape of the container and the part shape. The proprietary software analyzes this information, selects a tilter, and displays the information. Southworth Products Corp. Write 258 on PE card

Get hosed

Flexible Components Fluoropolymer Hose Catalog #FLS3003 has been designed with an easy-to-use format that provides extensive technical data giving the performance characteristics of a wide range of fluoropolymer styles and fittings. It contains an indepth guide to the selection process with helpful hints on extending service life. For a free copy call 800-526-7844. Saint-Gobain Performance Plastics Industrial Business Unit Write 259 on PE card

Let’s get cozy

Miller Confined Space Systems is a 20-minute video that focuses on the proper product selection and use of confined space equipment. The video is presented in an interesting and informative format that highlights the fall protection elements of confined space systems and educates workers with detailed instructions on the safe use of tripods, retrieval units, quad pods, and accessory equipment. For more information call 800-873-5242. Dalloz Fall Protection Write 260 on PE card

Non-haz sludge sucking

Vacuum Service is available for the proper removal, testing, and treatment of nonhazardous sludge, coolants, and liquids generated at industrial facilities. The service is designed as an alternative to collecting and transporting waste in drums and includes management of customer’s pits, clarifiers, oil/water separators, sumps, and trenches. Vacuum trucks collect and transport material to a processing center for separation and management. Safety-Kleen Corp. Write 261 on PE card

Doors on a roll

2002 Rolling Door & Grille free catalog is a guide to rolling service doors, fire doors, grilles, and a selection of operators and control devices. Included are technical details, construction features and specifications, as well as information on available materials and finish options. The catalog also details Cornell’s American Institute of Architects (AIA) Continuing Education Program for credits toward AIA membership. Cornell Iron Works Write 262 on PE card