Suggestions & Solutions – 2002-01-15

By Staff January 15, 2002

Bundle wire and cable better

The 100 Hook and Loop Mechanical Fastener enables assemblers to bundle wire and cable faster, with less effort and strain than with plastic ties, wire ties, or string. These fasteners incorporate flexibility, a thin profile, and superior strength for cable bundling, harnessing, and wire fastening systems. Fasteners can be reused up to 10 times, eliminating waste and saving costs. A variety of widths are available on uncut and perforated rolls.

3M Electrical Products Div.

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Simplify racks and storage systems

A comprehensive material handling and storage system is designed to work together and can be adjusted when material handling requirements change. Trying to combine systems from various manufacturers can lead to problems. The most common source of difficulties is incompatibility between different elements of the system. A modular system, even when different racks are assembled ad hoc, over time, should work together. A free brochure describing such systems is available by calling 800-826-0203.

Steel King Industries, Inc.

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Safety can be bought

Safety Supplies Buyer’s Guide is 1536pp of quality products from trusted manufacturers. The catalog has been reorganized to spotlight products selected to meet the needs of buyers who demand the finest safety supplies and equipment. Inside, buyers will find personal protective equipment, training aids, emergency response equipment, spill cleanup products, lockout/tagout supplies, and much more. Product descriptions provide details needed to make informed purchases.

Lab Safety Supply, Inc.

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Hydraulic safety seminars

Hydraulic Maintenance & Safety program contains new tips designed to minimize costly repairs, production downtime, and worker injury. The program consists of an onsite seminar and an 82-p manual containing information that helps maintenance managers, repair technicians, and machine operators identify component weaknesses before failure. Subjects include hose selection, inspection procedures, proper hose routing, and assembly installation.

The Gates Rubber Co.

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Training is interactive

OccuTrainer is an interactive, web-based, employee safety and health training program.

It utilizes video, audio, and animation to educate employees about safe work practices. In short, 30-50 min. courses, employees learn about, and are tested on issues ranging from confined space entry and fall protection to safe forklift operation and the transportation of hazardous materials. Employers can store all documents within the system, making paper storage obsolete.

Near North Insurance Brokerage, Inc.

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Louver or leave her

Free louver catalog highlights a comprehensive selection of louvers. It includes mechanical louvers, rain-resistant louvers, and louvered penthouses. The catalog also includes an easy-to-reference chart displaying all models, features, performance criteria, construction information, and available options. Louver products are available in a wide range of blade designs, shapes, and finishes. Many models bear the AMCA Certified Ratings Seals for air, water, and winddriven rain.


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Cartridge heating

Brochure highlights Firerod cartridge heaters and provides information on: questions to ask when selecting a cartridge heater supplier, contamination and corrosion, oven temperature, and solutions to heating problems. It also addresses the four most common causes of cartridge heater failure—contamination, corrosion, overtemperature, and lead wire failure.

Watlow Electric Mfg. Co.

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Insulate your ducts

A free, 2-p spec sheet, available in CSI format, describes Duct Wrap Insulation for HVAC ductwork. In addition to a product picture, the spec sheet includes information on the product, its uses, features, and benefits. Other information includes physical properties, thermal performance, and condensation control. Installation instructions are also outlined. The insulation is available faced or unfaced with FSK or vinyl film vapor-retarder facing.

CertainTeed Corp.

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Tool seats filter bags better

Filter Bag Seating Tool is manufactured of corrosion-resistant aluminum and features a T-handle for no-slip grip and ease of use. The tool ensures correct filter bag insertion and seating for maximum filtration effectiveness and bag life by eliminating bag bunching, shortening, and unsupported bag fit onto the basket bottom. The tool is 5 in. wide and 3613/16 in. long for optimum fit with the company’s FSPN40/85 vessels, which use size 1 and 2 filter bags.

Filter Specialists, Inc.

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Anthrax protection

Anthrax: Definitions, Questions, Answers & Precautions is a 4-p bulletin that provides general background information on the disease and discusses the levels of protection afforded by various types of filtration devices. Recommendations for reducing airborne contaminants in buildings are also described. The bulletin provides links to web sites offering further information on the topic.

Camfil Farr

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