Suggestions and Solutions – 2002-07-15

By Staff July 15, 2002

Put on the brakes

A free 14-p brochure helps engineers choose the best ERD electrically released, spring-set brakes for their application. ERDs are fail-safe, power-off brakes for load holding in the event of electrical outage. The brochure provides calculations to determine the correct model based on static holding torque, dynamic torque, and energy capacity (heat dissipation). Warner Electric Write 251 on PE card

Doing fire alarm systems

National Electrical Installation Standards (NEIS)TM: NECA 305-2001, Standard for Fire Alarm Systems Job Practices (ANSI) describes procedures for installing, testing, and maintaining fire alarm systems. Based on the requirements of the National Fire Alarm Code, it is intended to be referenced in contract documents for electrical construction projects. To order call, 301-215-4504. The National Electrical Contractors Association Write 252 on PE card

Quick coupling guards

A four-color product selection guide detailing an expanded line of “Trim & Fit” coupling guards is now available online (PDF) or by request. Available in 3 types and 8 sizes, guards can accommodate close-coupled, spacer, and fluid couplings up to 40-in. diameter. Expensive drawings and time-consuming custom manufacturing are eliminated. Orange Peel, LLC Write 253 on PE card

HVAC epoxy

FasMetal 10 HVAC repair paste cures at room temperature, withstands temperatures up to 250 F, and resists a broad range of chemicals. The paste bonds to metals, ceramics, wood, concrete, and glass. With a pot life of 60 min. and a functional cure time of 16 hr, it hardens to a nonrusting, rigid material that can be ground, drilled, and tapped. Devcon Write 254 on PE card

Oh, my aching back

Back Safety teaches workers how to maintain a strong back and prevent injuries. It is an engaging, online training program that conveys best safety practices for preventing accidents, and reducing lost productivity. The program features interactive learning materials that include dynamic, animated 3-D graphics of the spine and video segments of work sites. Summit Training Source, Inc. Write 255 on PE card

Streamline material handling

CD-ROM is a comprehensive and useful tool for operation managers responsible for designing material handling systems. The CD demonstrates how adopting the modular system benefits users. Structures are engineered for simplicity and quick assembly. A catalog in the CD illustrates the configurations possible to create customized workstations, flow racks, parts presentation assemblies, and structures. Quixxsmart Structures, Inc . Write 256 on PE card

Light up your life

Informational videos featuring LED (light emitting diode) lighting solutions are available for online viewing at . These videos bridge the gap between cyberspace and “hands on” by delivering show-and-tell to the desktop. Each movie features installation and application demonstrations. The videos serve to educate the audience on the 100,000-hr diode life, energy efficiency, and solid state design. Ledtronics, Inc. Write 257 on PE card

How to oil well

A line of posters is designed to keep maintenance personnel and operators aware of proper machinery lubrication and lubricant care. Topics include proper reservoir management, use of the correct oil, overgreasing, and contamination control. Durable posters are laminated for use in industrial environments. Noria Corp. Write 258 on PE card

What time is it?

Wireless Master-Satellite Time System is a trouble-free and cost-efficient synchronized clock system. The system utilizes wireless technology to automatically synchronize all clocks in a facility to the exact same time every day. A transmitter broadcasts the time to all satellite system clocks, which self-adjust to the correct time based on an atomic time signal from the government’s Global Positioning System. Primex, Inc. Write 259 on PE card

NEC made easy

NE02 is a comprehensive 64-p guide to basic understanding and application of overcurrent protective devices. Relevant sections of the 2002 National Electrical Code are referenced and analyzed in detail. Sections are presented in simple, easily understood language, with a question and answer format, complemented by line diagrams offering sound, practical ways of applying overcurrent protection and affording compliance with the code. NE02 is available at . Cooper Bussmann Write 260 on PE card

Get pumped up

A 254-p pump handbook is written to support all levels of pump users in the correct selection and usage of centrifugal, liquid ring, and rotary lobe pumps. The handbook guides the reader through pump terminology and theory, pump descriptions, pump selection, sizing, and specifications. It also includes chapters covering pump seals, motors, materials of construction, and technical data. It is illustrated with photographs, charts, and diagrams. Alfa Laval, Inc. Write 261 on PE card

Seal and lock pipe threads

TPS Teflon pipe sealant for stainless steel and other metals provides an instant seal on pipe joints. When fully cured, it locks joints against vibration, forming a seal against leaks from extreme pressures. It also performs on nontaper threaded fittings. The seal is impervious to most chemicals, solvents, gases, and many acids. Fittings can be disassembled with ordinary tools. The product bears the highest UL classified pipe sealant rating. Saf-T-Lok Intl. Corp. Write 262 on PE card