Suggestions and Solutions – 2001-02-01

Get the scoop on construction Facilities Construction Cost Data 2001 is available in book and CostWorks 2001 CD-ROM format.

By Staff February 1, 2001

Get the scoop on construction

Facilities Construction Cost Data 2001 is available in book and CostWorks 2001 CD-ROM format. They provide a comprehensive resource for preparing estimates and budgets for new facilities construction, renovations, repairs, and change orders. Features include 1150 pp of up-to-date unit prices covering all 16 CSI MasterFormat divisions, city cost index and location factors, and helpful estimating tips and pointers.

R. S. Means Co., Inc.

Circle 251

Have we got the coil

A diversified line of industrial heat exchanger coils features drawer-type casings allowing easy removal of fined tubes and headers for maintenance. A unique spiral fin design provides maximum efficiency, with a choice of fins to suit requirements of most applications. Tubes are available in a wide range of materials, with outside diameters of 5/8 or 1 in. Supply and return connections can be located to match piping requirements.

ITT Standard

Circle 252

Energy saving strategies

Energy Efficiency Toolkit for Manufacturers: Eight Proven Ways to Reduce Your Costs offers creative, real world strategies to lower energy consumption in all size firms while sustaining productivity. The booklet is available at

National Association of Manufacturers

Circle 253

Engineering software for all

Engineering Exec 2.4 is a scaleable print and document management system. Due to its modular architecture, the software allows any enterprise-small to large-to fully optimize printing productivity. It provides the necessary tools to effortlessly archive, control, manage, and distribute small and wide-format documents to any printing system.

Oce-USA, Inc.

Circle 254

Curtains you don’t sew

Air Curtain Product Selection Guide is an engineering tool used to aid in picking the right model based upon a given application and intended in-service use. The guide outlines the thought process and questions required to select the best air curtain.

Dynaforce, A Division of Mars Air Systems

Circle 255

For want of a bolt offers over 500,000 fasteners. Items include thread cutting screws, rivets, retaining rings, cotter pins, weld screws and nuts, concrete anchors, and all alloys, sizes, and threads.

Skydock, LLC

Circle 256

Spray away problems

Spray Products for Cleaning Parts, Components, and Surfaces features items for washing and rinsing, drying, and cleaning applications. VeeJet nozzles have specially tapered spray pattern edges for even coverage in washing and rinsing applications. Maximum Free Passage FullJet nozzles minimize the possibility of clogging. ProMax QuickJet nozzles have a two-part assembly for easy spray tip changing. Clip-Eyelet nozzles simply snap onto an existing header by hand.

Spraying Systems Co.

Circle 257

How to tie one on cables

Multiple-loop cable ties bulletin provides information on products for securing wire, cable, and hose bundled in parallel configurations. The publication features photographs of double-loop and triple-loop versions of the product, including application views. Also featured in the bulletin are diagrams and tables with dimensional measurements, and specifications for loop tensile strength and maximum bundle diameters.

Electrical/Electronic Group, Panduit Corp.

Circle 258

Welding faster and better

Stick Electrode Welding Guide: Procedures and Techniques gives operators a thorough overview of how to create high quality welds in the most cost effective manner. The publication presents a three-step program for efficient welding, factors affecting welding speed and cost, welding procedures, and inspection methods.

The Lincoln Electric Co.

Circle 259

Check out transmitters

Interface Solution CD offers complete access to product selection guides, data sheets, installation manuals, certifications, and 75 “Problem Solvers” application notes. The CD covers signal transmitters and isolators, smart temperature transmitters, alarm trips, distributed I/O, I/P, and P/I converters, ac power transducers, and related products.

Moore Industries Intl., Inc.

Circle 260

Go on a shopping spree

Industrial & Safety Supplies Buyers Guide on CD-ROM is a small, portable version of the regular catalog. The CD offers more than 73,000 products ranging from hand tools, first aid, and material handling equipment to storage systems. The disk offers easy navigation and is web-enabled.

Lab Safety Supply, Inc.

Circle 261

Degrease fast

Sprayon Ultra-Force safety solvent and degreaser is a nonflammable, nonchlorinated cleaner that instantly penetrates to remove dirt, oil, grease, and wax. The product increases the life of electrical components by removing foreign materials that can cause downtime. The solvent leaves no residue and has a dielectric strength of 15,000 V/ml.

Sherwin Williams Consumer Group

Industrial Sales

Circle 262

See thee ROM on instrumentation

The 2nd edition of the Instrumentation & Application Guide on CD-ROM offers a large supply of data sheets and serves as a tool to find the right signal conditioner, digital indicator, or distributed I/O system for an application. It also contains a tutorial on signal conditioning, application notes, and product selector guide.

Action Instruments

Circle 263